No more late night, boring sandwiches!…

It used to be that weddings followed a particular pattern. There’d be a church service, a clatter of photographs, a sit down dinner followed by a night of dancing.

These days things have changed and not every wedding follows this pattern – people are mixing it up all over the place, doing their own thing and bringing their personalities into their weddings, and rightly so!

The only thing that hasn’t changed when it comes to weddings – and the one expectation that all guests will have – is that there be food. Lots and lots of food!

Most venues will offer you a standard package of late night sandwiches and cocktail sausages, some might even offer you chicken wings, but when did you last meet a bride who wanted a standard wedding!

Introducing The Chip Van! We don’t do standard, and we sure as hell don’t do sandwiches! What we do-do is juicy burgers, jumbo hotdogs, beautiful battered cod (with the obligatory mushy peas!), crispy onion rings and chips, lots of chips. Chips covered in curry, chips covered in garlic and cheese, hey we’ll even do you chips in garlic, cheese and curry, sure who are we to judge;)
If you like your guests you’ll get The Chip Van simple as that, we’ll rock up to your venue just before midnight and provide you and your guests with some scrumptious soakage for all the drink taken and all the drink yet to come!


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The Chip Van is available throughout Leinster.
Call Jason: 086 833 4251